Marcelo's Residence

At first we were doubtful if solar energy is really a good investment. But we tried to start with 2 large panels on our roof giving us 500W of power. We immediately noticed the effect on our bills. We computed our savings to be 800 php per month but we were surprised to see our bill lessen over 1000php. Given that the life of the panels works perfectly up to 25 years, we will save an estimated amount of 240,000 for this investment! We are grateful for this technology and to Brightswitch!

Herrera's Residence

I would like to say thank you to the Brightswitch family for introducing to me the solar panels. I have made the best and the smartest investment decision when I installed a 2KwP solar panel because from a 10K – 11K monthly electric bill, I was able to bring it down to 4K and have a huge monthly savings of 6K. As a businessman who consumes heavy electricity to maintain an office and 3 big freezers, the 6K monthly savings is an added income for me that I can flow in back to the business again. What is valuable in this investment is that my returns (ROI) will happen within 2 years only (in my computation) and then rest of the 20++ years – is an added income to me.